Top Shelf’s clientele has come to expect our help in coordinating and integrating high quality neckwear with the beautiful custom suits and shirts we create. Despite our small size, we have developed an strong following for our distinctive tie lines, which fly in the face of mass-market department style offerings. In a world that no longer considers ties as an essential part of dressing, it’s easy to own the room, especially when the neckwear is like a work of art.

We are proud of our representation of the limited edition concepts of the following: Neckwear, Hosiery, Shoes, Belts, Cufflinks,  Formal Wear Accessories, Magnetic Collar Stays, Suit and Pant Hangers


Silvio Fiorello

Manufactured in Sicily, we like to say that this company’s ties bring the heat of southern Italy to our collections. Classical patterns that have been transmogrified into works of art, both in ties and in scarves, boutonnière pins for the lapel, formal cummerbund sets abound. This brand has found a permanent home at the Top Shelf, with a quality of silk that is obvious to all. Getting compliments on a tie was never easier.

Mila Schon

Mila Schon is an exclusive brand found in North America only at Top Shelf. Her designs have re-emerged with a freshness that has been a signature of her Milanese design career over the last 40 years. Her signature statement is to maintain printed silk borders around the edges of her ties which define the patterns and frame the knot of the ties in a most unique statement. We’ve created a cult following with this brand, and hear frequent stories with the same recurring theme of total strangers complimenting on the beauty of the border effects.

Paolo Albizzati

In a return to retro tie widths, the return of the square bottom “rooster” ties has many old clients scratching their heads. “Why did I ever throw those away?” they moan. But make no mistake, whether in wool or silk, the distinctiveness of these ties seem fresh again, and for most clients under the age of 30, these ties are a new phenomena to be enjoyed all over again. In addition to the “roosters” Albizzati has invigorated the tie market with many fetching plaids in wool, cashmere and silk blends. Our selections tend to the unique rather than  conservative designs.

Italo Ferretti

For several seasons now we’ve been proud to include the high fashion statements of Italo Ferretti to add sizzle and panache at the highest level of quality, to compete with the lines of Brioni and Stefano Ricci. As per our usual routine, we purchase no more than two of any particular style and color to avoid having our customer see others wearing the same tie.


Lorenzoni and Piacenzo.

We carry a unique collection of cashmere and wool sweaters in varying weightsfrom 4 ply cashmere donegals, to resort color single-ply waterproof cashmeres. We have sweatshirt styled cashmeres, full length zip fronts, and a range of resort cotton sweaters by Piacenzo, as well as silk and cotton blends from Tulliani.

Men’s Hosiery


Men’s fine gauge hosiery is a one of Top Shelf’s obsessions. For decades our affiliation with one of Italy’s premier sock makers has been fueling our obsession with a vast array of hosiery with fibers ranging from cashmere to cannabis, with cotton and wool the bulk of our selection. We advocate for over-the-calf styles in approximately 80 percent of our dress socks, that stay up and never show skin above the ankles. We carry three sizes for men, for small, average, and large shoe sized individuals.