Dry Cleaning Recommendations in the Twin Cities Metro

Our personal cleaner of record is Hiawatha, in business since 1939. Pride in the quality of the work and the technical skill of the owners has made them our go to for almost 20 years. Small enough to have the time to get to know their customers, inspect the work, and stand behind it. No delivery service but definitely worth the trip.

Hiawatha Cleaners   http://www.hiawathacleaners.com    5400 34th Ave S, Mpls 612-724-3603

Perfect Cleaners and Launderers (same owners and physical plant as Hiawatha) 2147 Cliff Road (Cedar and Cliff Road)-651-452-8314

Other good cleaners we can recommend in the metro area:

All Season Cleaners (delivery and locations in North Loop and suburbs) http://www.allseasonscleaners.com/stores/minneapolis/

Uptown Cleaners/Prestige Cleaning Center  http://www.mngreenclean.com/    1614 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 822-6855

Hallmark Cleaners  http://hallmarkdrycleaners.com/locations.htm

Best Cleaners (offers delivery, multiple locations)  http://www.bestcleanersmn.com/best-cleaners-locations/

Wayzata Home Laundry  https://www.wayzatahomelaundry.com/ 820 Wayzata Blvd E, Wayzata, MN 55391 (952) 473-9511

Woodbury Cleaners (offers delivery) http://www.woodburycleaners.com/locations.htm

St. Paul recommended:

Skyline Cleaners  http://skyline-cleaners.net/  718 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116  (651) 340-2452

Midway Cleaners  http://www.midwaycleaners.net/  1802 St Clair (@ Fairview)  St. Paul, MN 55105  651.699.2445


Top Shelf at the Ryder Cup 2016

Top Shelf is very proud to have created the official outfits for the executive committee of the 2016 Ryder Cup going on right now at Hazeltine National Golf Club. These seven men have worked for the last 4 years to present this premier event in Chaska, MN. The weather forecast is looking good, and so is the American team.


Loro Piana and the Zenit Collection


Vicuna is often times referred to as the “Fabric of the Gods” for it’s incredible hand and the ability to insulate in both directions, keeping the animals warm on the mountaintops and cool in the valleys where they graze in Peruvian summers. Once almost hunted to extinction, they were placed on the endangered species list in 1965. Today in partnership with the Peruvian government, Loro Piana has created a preserve for the animals and their numbers have rebounded so that a limited amount of their fibres can be legally obtained and woven in the Loro Piana mill in Italy.

Vicuna, chinchilla, cashmere and mohair combinations along with the most precious Super 200’s quality wools are available to feel and purchase at Top Shelf, where our tailoring skills are capable of working with these rare fibres.

You can visit https://www.loropiana.com/en/our-world-Loro-Piana/Textile/product_zenit to learn more about these and other fine fabrics that can also be found at Top Shelf!

CTDA Houston

I just returned from Houston and a gathering of the Custom Tailors and Designers Association. It’s the oldest trade organization in the United States and Top Shelf has been a member for decades.

It was a great experience to share knowledge with many of the finest custom clothiers and suppliers to the trade. The conference included a trip to one of the largest dry cleaning operations in North America (MW Cleaners), and a keynote presentation by Christopher White, executive director of America’s Best Cleaners. The global view of dry cleaning trends, changes in chemical processing, and the implications for care of ultra fine fabrics was something that every seller of fine custom clothing should be mandated to understand to assist the end users in finding a quality cleaner, and taking care of their clothing investments. Many of the most prestigious mills and manufacturers in the world invite Mr. White and his company to visit and test the newest fabrics and advise on the care labels and special instructions necessary to successfully clean their materials.

The implications of Green Clean marketing and other new cleaning agents, the fragmentation and now consolidation of the dry cleaning business was discussed. The trends in how frequently garments were being cleaned. Surprisingly, the nation wide efforts that have banned smoking in restaurants and public places have had a lot of impact on people needed to clean suits and jackets more often.

Developing more cooperation between tailors and dry cleaners was a much discussed topic, instead of the adversarial finger pointing that occurs when a problem occurs during the cleaning process.

More to follow…