Loro Piana and the Zenit Collection


Vicuna is often times referred to as the “Fabric of the Gods” for it’s incredible hand and the ability to insulate in both directions, keeping the animals warm on the mountaintops and cool in the valleys where they graze in Peruvian summers. Once almost hunted to extinction, they were placed on the endangered species list in 1965. Today in partnership with the Peruvian government, Loro Piana has created a preserve for the animals and their numbers have rebounded so that a limited amount of their fibres can be legally obtained and woven in the Loro Piana mill in Italy.

Vicuna, chinchilla, cashmere and mohair combinations along with the most precious Super 200’s quality wools are available to feel and purchase at Top Shelf, where our tailoring skills are capable of working with these rare fibres.

You can visit https://www.loropiana.com/en/our-world-Loro-Piana/Textile/product_zenit to learn more about these and other fine fabrics that can also be found at Top Shelf!