The Power of New in Shirt Fabrics.

Top Shelf is honored to be one of a small handful of accounts in the United States selected by Gladson, LTD. to introduce a refreshing concept that’s long overdue. Even though suit use is down, men still like to look good. The woolen mills of Italy and England have responded with sport coat materials that incorporate lush designs and mouth-watering colors. Fresh colors like burgundy, teal, brown and green are used as both backgrounds and accents.
Now it’s time for the shirt fabric industry to catch up. Putting patterned shirts on top of patterned coats can be a challenge. Most men opt for basic solid colors in white, blue, yellow and lavender, rather than risk making a “mistake”.
Gladson, Ltd. has designed an initial collection of over 70 fabrics with micro designs in an assortment of hues that can totally change how coats look by flattering out the mélange of colors in sophisticated sport coats. These shirts function like solids but morph depending on how they get matched to different coats and suits.
The quality of the material is an important part of the offering. These shirtings are woven in Italy in 120/2 ply yarn, in poplin and twill constructions in a year round weight for incredible comfort.
Our custom shirts are sewed in America with all the many benefits of having shirts custom made. That includes shirts that fit, along with details of co-ordinating buttons, thread colors, flattering collar and cuff design, and longevity.
Top Shelf is offering these shirts at introductory pricing. We often explain to our clients that in material’s cost there is a good, better, best story. Our goal is to deliver best for the price of better to get these shirts in the hands of our customers and gauge response. Call for pricing.  John will be happy to help you.
Even in the era of Zoom, it helps to look and feel good!

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