Top Shelf Status 4/10

Since the extension of the stay at home order in Minnesota, we struggle to plot a course of action. The good news is that all the employees of Top Shelf have been able to collect unemployment benefits that will sustain them through their furloughs. We’ve gotten several e-mails of concern for our well being, and we are grateful to be in those thoughts. We are all blessed with good health for the present, and doing our best to comply with social distancing. As of last Friday a small group of employees and family have been able to safely produce washable face masks for some local businesses who asked for them, as well as customers unable to procure them. I’m sure that face mask fashion will be one of the footnotes of the pandemic.

We’re trying to envision what it will look like when we do re-open. We’ll be working by appointment to control the flow of traffic, and wearing masks when dealing with clients. We will have masks available for clients to use if needed. Our shop is scrubbed down for the protection of everyone. We’d encourage those who have time at home to kill to consider trying on the clothes in their closet and make up a box of things that might need adjustments or repair once we re-open. We will be working with 2 other tailor shops to help create work for their staff as well as our own. Similarly, if you have dry cleaning, this will be another hard hit group of businesses needing the support of the community to stay alive.